The Two Rs

What was it that the late Douglas Adams said about writing?

“I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by.”

I think it’s fair to say that Adams was being a tad facetious when he committed those words to paper, or at the very least, mischievous. If, as the ancient proverb suggests, only Nixon can go to China, then it also stands to reason that only men and women of Adams’ prodigious talent and output can afford to be so self-effacing when it comes to deadlines.

We at Atlantic Bulletin, on the other hand, are not so fortunate. As things stand, we can barely contemplate finishing a good old-fashioned trilogy of three, never mind a ‘trilogy of five’ in the mould of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. With so few contributors, it’s difficult to maintain the kind of pitter-patter of content that both attracts new readers and keeps existing ones engaged and involved. Frankly, that is not a disaster—we continue to value quality over quantity—but it is a concern, if for no other reason than we’re failing to live up to our vow to encourage a culture of pluralism and debate.

So, in the name of pluralism and debate, we would like to put a modest offer on the table. It goes like this: if you contribute an article for publication, we will repay your efforts with a shiny new book. This only applies to the first three people who contribute, and it should go without saying that we will only publish articles that meet our literary standards. If you would like to know what those are, you should take a look at the style and content guidelines set out on the Contribute page.

If you’re interest has been piqued, or you have a question that you’re dying to ask, you can contact us by email at We promise you won’t have to worry about deadlines.