Our UK War Tax Campaign

Sign our petition : https://www.change.org/p/damian-hinds-mp-impose-a-war-tax-should-parliament-vote-to-authorise-military-action-abroad?recruiter=41486807&utm_source=petitions_show_components_action_panel_wrapper&utm_medium=copylink

If Her Majesty’s Government and Parliament deem it necessary to declare war on a foreign government or send British troops to fight in foreign lands, then a 5% tax increase should be imposed across the board, including Income Tax, National Insurance contributions, Value Added Tax (VAT), Corporation Tax, Capital Gains Tax, excise duty, and Stamp Duty.

Red Rockets Over the Horizon

By James A. Chisem

In 1938, Sergey Pavlovich Korolyov had been identified as an enemy of the Soviet state. According to the powers that be, he was a Trotskyite plotter who had conspired with other missile designers and technicians to overthrow socialism and derail the Russian path to progress. Of course, Sergey Pavolvich was not a spy, nor a traitor—he was the victim of a world in which truth and fiction were as…